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Ajanta, Ellora, and Daulatabad

At Ajanta and Ellora caves were cut out of the rock centuries ago, and beautifully decorated with paintings and sculptures. At Daulatabad is an ancient fort with an intricate design and colorful history.

Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal

Rock-cut caves and experiments in temple design: this was the playground and the primary school of the very early temple architects.


Bekal and Valiyaparamba

There's more to God's Own Country than meets the general tourist's eye. We explored some of the more secluded and less-known corners of Kerala and came back enthralled.


Thousands of years ago, people lived under these ancient rocks. Today, all that's left of them is their paintings on the rock faces, which give us a fleeting glimpse of their lives and their world.



Binsar is a quiet, rustic retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas, still undiscovered by the masses.

Gangotri, Gaumukh, Tapovan

A trek in the Himalayas, from Gangotri to Gaumukh - the source of the holy river Ganga - and on to the high meadow of Tapovan.


Har Ki Dun Trek

This was the first trek we took our under-five daughters on. Who'd have thought under-fives could walk 13-14 km a day and have energy left over to play at the end of it? The lovely views and the excitement of a Himalayan trek were as invigorating for the kids as they were for us.

Jog Falls

We went to visit Jog Falls one rainy weekend, and came back wet, but happy.



The Kabini River Lodge is a great weekend getaway from Bangalore. We came back relaxed and rested, well fed, and quite elated from a long, close look at the wildlife and the wilderness.


Goa is passe. For unspoilt beaches, crystal clear water, breathtaking coral reefs, sun, sand, silence... nothing in India can beat Lakshadweep.


Lamayuru to Chilling and on to Markha Valley

After spending ten days walking about 20 km a day at altitudes ranging from 11,000 to 17,000 feet, we were almost glad to be back in the land of automobiles - not to mention mobile phones, cable TV, and bathrooms with running hot water.

Lamayuru to Lingshet

Walking through Ladakh, living in tents, watching the clouds, the mountains, the rivers, the yaks... time doesn't quite stand still, but you really wish it would!



A thousand-odd years ago, a certain Raja Bhog thought he'd like to build a fort atop a certain hill. Over the next 500 or so years, successive rulers added to this idea, creating the quiet, widespread, lovely fort of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh.

Railway Track Trek

An abandoned railway track winding through the Western Ghats was discovered by enthusiastic groups of trekkers, who thrilled in the experience of walking across disintegrating sleepers, along sloping hillsides, and through long, dark tunnels.



In the dry, dusty forest, with the crumbling fortress in the background, amidst a symphony of loud alarm calls from monkeys, peacocks, and other animals, the king (or queen) of the forest still walks languidly...

Trek to Roopkund

A tiny, frozen lake at ~16,000 ft surrounded by the massive Himalayan peaks of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti certainly makes for an awe-inspiring destination at the end of four days' trekking.



Sanchi is home to 2000-year-old buddhist stupas, crumbling remains of monasteries, mysterious and sometimes misplaced pieces of sculpture, and an absolutely calm, serene atmosphere.

Vidisha and Gyaraspur

Visit Vidisha to see the modern remains of a town that was important in the Ashokan era. Gyaraspur is the place to go if you love to go off the beaten track in search of forgotten monuments and remote little pieces of history.

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